"The Order out of Chaos" series

The order out of chaos series started with paintings using the horizontal picture plane to express images based on Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.

A complex palate of colors of thrown-on paint flows through rectangular compositions in front of a cloud-like background. The implication is the continuation of the energetic lines of paint across the space intervening between the rectangular fields. The continuation of the "Order Out of Chaos" series is based on monumental vertical compositions of squares and rectangles that are abstracted from the core of landscape painting ie: Foreground, Background and the Horizontal Line intersecting them. This monolithic composition is articulated with different approaches to treating the squares and rectangles with surface textures and color modulations to explore the emotional and mythological responses to this primal format.

The Pillars Series (Dancing landscapes)

These works explore how the eye relates to sequential pieces of images or surfaces organized in horizontal compositions. The canvases have a series of rectangular pillars of various thickness arranged in a horizontal line across the canvas. The surfaces are painted in a variety of techniques so that there is a unique quality to each of the compositions. Some use a classic landscape horizon running through the pillars so that the viewer's eye begins to link the elements of the landscapes together to create a continuum. Others are totally abstract with ribbons of interweaving through the pillars. Some have "spirit walks" of thrown on paint that have been a feature of some of my past work. In this series I am also exploring how the eye reacts to the pillars of landscapes being tilted in various ways.